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William A Pitts Dog Park

It’s #FurryFriday ! I had the privilege of puppy sitting, and visited some of the Metro Nashville dog parks around town. For the next few Fridays, I’ll be posting some reviews of these dog parks. Please be advised, as I do not have a dog, what I’m looking for in a dog park may not be what your looking for in a dog park. Generally, I wanna get some steps in on my Fitbit while listening to headphones and let the dog run around so we can have a lazy sleepy afternoon on the couch later that afternoon.

Dog Park Name: William A. Pitts Dog Park

Address: 299 Tusculum Rd, 37013

Why choose this dog park? Because of the wooded area that gives your dog a chance to pretend he’s in the wilderness.

Dog Rating: 5 out of 5

Human Rating: 3 out of 5

This park opened in 2014. When you arrive, the initial area is two acres, with a water fountain, a small paved loop for walking, some picnic tables, and some greenery. This area isn’t well maintained and there are multiple patches of straight mud. Along the back border of this area is a gate that opens to a fenced, 4 acre wooded area with a looped trail of an absolutely mild hike. My ward had a blast running through the trees off leash. Between the mud and the woods, the backseat of my car was worse for wear, but the dog had a blast.

See some of Little Buddy’s pictures on his Instagram at

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