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Tims Ford State Park

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Tims Ford was the name of a pioneer river crossing in this area. Eventually, this lake became known as Tims Ford Lake- and is a 10K acre lake. The 2,200 acre land around it was developed into the Tims Ford State Park. Today, it has a visitors center, a gift shop, 20 cabins, 2 marinas, 8 boat ramps, fishing, picnic pavillions, playgrounds, a recreation center, paved walking paths, mountain biking paths, and 4 hiking trails- the Clifton Doyle Trail (.55 mile), the Highland Rim Wildflower Trail (.25 mile), the Lost Creek Overlook Trail (1.35 mile), and the Spann House Trail (a 3.8 mile loop).

The coolest thing about this park is that if you decide to boat, it has a floating restaurant you can boat up to, and six islands with campsites you can boat up to and camp at. The aviary has a gorgeous owl, and we enjoyed the overlook we hiked up to.

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