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#TBT Throwback Thursday: Swimming Lessons in Nashville Parks

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

From The Nashville Banner, Tuesday, June 19th, 1951, page 17

Nine year old Jimmy Bass (above center) jumps into the waiting arms of Red Cross Safety Director Ray Geis as Nashville Banner-American Red Cross-City Park Commission "learn to swim" classes get under way at Shelby Park. Standing on the edge of pool is Ernie Hodges, Red Cross instructor for the youngsters under 11 years old who surround him. Classes have begun at Shelby and Hadley Parks and will begin at Centennial and Napier June 25 and at Douglas Park, June 26. Deadline for entering at Centennial, Napier, and Douglas is June 21, so fill out the blank which appears elsewhere on this page and mail to the indicated address now!

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