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#TBT Richland Creek

This write up goes over a group organized by Monetta Robecca, an enviromental scientist who created the Richland Creek Watershed Alliance. The first cleanup she and her group organized was in April 2007, and ten people removed 1.3 tons of trash from the creek. Still active today, you can sign up to be a part of it, or support it with some cool "Friends of Richland Creek" merchandise at Of course, Richland Creek runs alongside West Park and England Park. The creek was named because the area was considered fertile land (or "rich land") by the early settlers, and quickly the surrounding area picked up the moniker of Richland. Richland Park would also adopt the same name. This is very much an important part of Nashville history, and there is so much praise to give to the Richland Creed Watershed Alliance.

from the Tennessean, Friday, June 6th, 2008, page N4

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