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#TBT Elmington Park

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

The Nashville Banner began hosting the Hole-In-One golf tournament in Elmington Park in 1939. Furnishing clubs and everything needed, and free to the public, the event was very popular, with prizes including golf clubs and bags. It's very interesting how popular golf was in Nashville; in 1950, the city announced that golf fees made up 20% of Nashville Parks' annual income. The tournament was a six day tournament, that happened annually. The final tournament was in 1963, and had over 3,000 shooters taking over 9,000 shots in six days. Although the 1963 tournament was the 25th one, and was written up as the "biggest and best", the 1964 season did not advertise a new tournament, and the tradition was over.

The below photo is from the Nashville Banner, Thursday, August 15th, 1946, on page 27, and you can see Elmington Park with West End Middle School (then West End High School) in the background.

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