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Standing Stone State Park

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

In Hilham, Tennessee, is Standing Stone State Forest (11K acres)- something I did not know existed. And in the middle of the forest is Standing Stone State Park, 1,000 acres which surrounds Kelly Lake. The park is two hours from Nashville. Apparently this area was named after a large boulder (a standing stone) that was in the area and acted as a border between Native lands. The boulder was eventually destroyed. The state of Tennessee acquired the land and opened the State Park in 1961.

The park has a gift shop, a visitor's center, a scenic overlook, boating, picnic shelters, playgrounds, swimming, an amphitheater, fishing, 21 cabins, 4 group cabins, 36 campsites, and hiking trails- Cabin Spur Trail (.25 mile), Jordan Spur Trail (.3 mile), the Lake Trail (4.7 miles), and the Tea Room Trail (.15 mile). It also has something I've never seen before- these giant, huge display places for marble competitions with viewing bleachers.

The park hosts a Spring Nature Rally every April, a National Marbles Championship in September, a Car Show every October, and a 5 mile run every November.

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