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South Cumberland State Park

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

South Cumberland State Park is HUGE. It's 30,000 acres, and spans over FOUR Tennessee counties. It has five small lakes, picnic tables, grills, pavilions, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, a baseball diamond, a gift shop, a museum, a cabin, campsites, rock climbing, rappelling, boating, and swimming. Oh, and lest we forget... over 90 miles of hiking. The 12 mile, one way trail, the Fiery Gizzard, is considered one of the best trails in the country. We know it was established in 1978, and there are sites showing old coal ovens and other historic sites. I can't wait to come back again... and again.. and again.

Visitor's Center- 11745 US 41 Monteagle, TN, 37356

Meadowtrail Hike- 1.3-mile easy, round trip hike

Denny Cove- 5917 US 41, Sequatchie, TN, 37374

Denney Falls, Rock Climbing, Denny Cove

Fiery Gizzard North- 131 Fiery Gizzard Rd, Tracey City, 37387

Fiery Gizzard South- 498 Foster Falls Rd, Sequatchie, 37374

Grundy Forest, Interpretive Area, Fiery Gizzard Trail, Fiery Gizzard Sink, Sycamore Falls, Raven Point Overlook, Anderson Falls, Blue Hole Falls, Black Canyon Falls, Foster Falls, Small Wild Overlook, Suter Falls

Sycamore Falls Hiking Loop (moderate, 3-mile hike that drops off the top of the plateau and brings you to some interesting geologic formations and waterfalls).

Climber’s Hiking Loop (2-mile roundtrip hike takes you along a beautiful cliff line and along the base of towering bluff walls).

Raven’s Point Hiking Loop (difficult 10-mile trek into some of the more remote areas of the Fiery Gizzard).

Foster Falls to Small Wilds Hike (5-mile out-and-back hike that will take you past waterfalls and some pretty cool overlooks.).

Grundy Lakes- 587 Lakes Rd, Tracy City, TN, 37387

Grundy Day Hiking Loop (moderate 2-mile roundtrip hike).

Savage Gulf North- 1183 Stone Door Rd, Beersheba Spgs, 37305

Savage Gulf South- 2689 55th Ave, Gruetil-Laeger, TN, 37339

Savage Gulf West- 550 Greeter Falls Rd, Altamonth, TN, 37301

Savage Gulf East- 3157 State Rd 339, Palmer, TN, 373

Great Stone Door Scenic Overlook, Ranger Station, Big Creek Sink, Big Creek Rim Scenic Overlook, Ranger Falls Sink, Shwoon Spring and Cave, Collins Gulf, Suter Falls, Horsepound Falls, Collins Rim Scenic Overlook, Big Creek Gulf, Greeter Falls, Broadtree Falls, Blue Hole Falls, Savage Creek Gulf, Savage Falls, Ranger Station, Savage Creek Sink, Savage Creek South Scenic Overlook, Savage Creek North Scenic Overlook

Lone Rock Trail (easy 2.3-mile roundtrip hike circling the Grundy Lakes)

Big Creek Gulf Trail (4 Miles - Difficult - The rough, challenging trail leads through the gorge below and to the west of Stone Door).

Big Creek Rim Trail (2.30 Miles - Moderate - This trail follows the edge of the plateau above the Big Creek Gulf).

Collins Gulf Trail (3.70 Miles - Difficult - This challenging trail is designed to accommodate extended trips. It takes hikers along the Collins River past Suter Falls, Horsepound Falls, and the Fall Creek Sink).

Collins Rim Trail (6.10 Miles - Difficult - This trail follows the edge of the plateau along the east side of the Collins River Gulf).

Connector Trail (6.70 Miles - Strenuous - This is the most challenging and strenuous trail in the Savage Gulf State Natural Area. Several climbs and seemingly endless rocky slopes are crossed. It has connections with most of the other trails as it crosses the mouths of all three gulfs.)

Greeter Falls Loop Trail (0.80 Miles - Intermediate - One of the best short waterfall hikes on the plateau, this loop leads to three waterfalls, numerous bluffs, and a historic site.)

Laurel Falls Trail (0.30 Miles - Moderate - A short loop leading to a beautiful 25-foot waterfall behind the Stone Door Ranger Station).

North Plateau Trail (7.10 Miles Easy to Moderate - This plateau top trail leads through beautiful old growth forest with several outstanding Shortleaf Pine stands. Except for crossing the Cagle Knobs, the trail is virtually flat).

North Rim Trail (6.30 miles - Intermediate - This is a longer trail with more overlooks than any other trail at Savage Gulf.)

Savage Day Loop Trail (4.20 Miles - Moderate - This hike is a perfect afternoon outing for those looking to view the gulf and Savage Falls).

South Rim Trail (5.80 Miles - Moderate - This plateau top trail follows the south rim of the Savage Creek Gulf, except for crossing Savage Creek at the beginning and crossing Peak Mountain at the end).

Stone Door Hike (0.90 Miles - Easy - This easy 2 mile out-and-back hike is a must for all those first visiting

the park).

Stage Coach Road Historic Trail (1.60 Miles Difficult - In the 1840’s this toll road was authorized for construction to connect McMinnville and Chattanooga)

Lost Cove North- 591 Natural Bridge Rd, Sewanee, TN, 37376

Lost Cove West- 6398 Sherwood Rd, Sewanee, TN, 37375

Lost Cove East- 1900 Old CCC Road, Sherwood, TN, 373760

Lost Cove Cave, Peter Cave, Crow Creek, Natural Bridge, Sherwood Day Loop, Tom Pack Hollow, Crow Creek Overlook, Tom Pack Hollow Overlook

Buggy Top Trail (moderately difficult 4-mile roundtrip hike to one of the largest cave openings in Tennessee)

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