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Shelby Dog Park

It’s #FurryFriday ! I had the privilege of puppy sitting, and visited some of the Metro Nashville dog parks around town. For the next few Fridays, I’ll be posting some reviews of these dog parks. Please be advised, as I do not have a dog, what I’m looking for in a dog park may not be what your looking for in a dog park. Generally, I wanna get some steps in on my Fitbit while listening to headphones and let the dog run around so we can have a lazy sleepy afternoon on the couch later that afternoon.

Dog Park Name: Shelby Dog Park

Address: 401 S 20th St, 37206

Why choose this dog park? Because you want to explore everything at Shelby Park while your out with your dog

Dog Rating: 5 out of 5

Human Rating: 3 out of 5

The Shelby Park Dog Park opened in 2004, and was the first Metro Dog Park in the city, with the price tag of $12,000. It’s immediate success made it obvious one dog park could not fulfill the needs of the entire city, and prompted the other dog parks we would later see. There’s a small paved section, and some seating. The landscape was well maintained, and the land size was fairy average, compared to other Nashville dog parks.

There’s not a lot about this park standing out, overtly amazing or horrible. It’s average. One should see this park out, either if you live in the neighborhood, or you are taking advantage of everything Shelby Park has to offer, anyway.

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