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Sgt. Alvin C York State Historic Park

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Sargent Alvin C York lived in Pall Mall, Tennessee for his whole life. He was actually the fourth generation of his family in this area. He went to World War 1 somewhat reluctantly, having had religious conscientious objections. He ended up being one of the most decorated and celebrated military personnel in American history. When he came home, he was offered dozens of lucrative options for interviews, press, endorsements, but failed to take advantage, thinking it was blood money and inappropriate. However, the Nashville Rotary Club offered to purchase a home for him, and he took advantage of that, hoping it would allow more business and commerce to the small town of Pall Mall. He owned it and lived there until he died. His widow lived there until she died, deeding the property to the state of Tennessee upon her death in 1984, where it was then turned into a state park.

The property today has the York House, a mill from 1880, a church from 1840, a cemetery, and what was originally York's general store, but today is partly a museum and partly a general store replica. It also has a one-way, one mile hiking trail, fishing, and replica WW1 trenches.

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