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Owen Bradley Park

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Name: Owen Bradley Park

Address: 1 Music Sq E, 37203

History: 2 out of 5

Walkability: 2 out of 5

Kid Like-ability- 2 out of 5

Date Night-ability- 3 out of 5

Charm: 3 out of 5

The dedication of this park took place in 1975, as the last official act as mayor of Mayor Beverly Briley. At the head of Music Tow, it was a dedication to tourists, and country music fans, as a “thank you” for their contributions to the city’s economy. It was originally named Music Square Park, but renamed by unanimous vote in 1997 to Owen Bradley Park, and is about half an acre.

It had been discussed to use the park and create a projector, or an amphitheater, but there was no real follow through, especially after the city invested money in the roundabout and the Musica statue directly across from the park. Within a month of Owen Bradley’s death, his friends and family members pooled money together to put a bronze statue in the park. There have been many industry party and events in the park, and it’s a great industry park.

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