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Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park is located at 1825 Pilot Knob Road in Eva, Tennessee. It's about an hour and thirty five minutes from my home in Bellevue. It's on Kentucky Lake, where Nathan Bedford Forrest's troops were centralized during the Civil War. This land was initially a local city park that started in the 1930's, but was bought by the state government and established as a state park in 1963.

It has 2,600+ acres, seven cabins, three campgrounds, a lodge, five picnic pavilions, fishing, boating, swimming, a nature center, and a local culture museum. It has over 25 miles of trails including the Andrews Ridge Trail (1.95 miles), the Camp Sam Trail (.95 mile), the Christmas Fern Trail (.5 mile), the Chuckmore Trail (2.30 miles), the Ekins Trail (2.25 miles), the Fitness Trail (.95 miles), the Harmon Trail (.40 mile), the Highpoint Spur Trail (.5 mile), the Highpoint Trail (2.6 mile), Lake View Trail (4.75 miles), the Lakeside Loop Trail (2.4 miles), the Marine Railway Loop Trail (4 miles), and the Sinkhole Trail (.85 miles).

The cultural museum was completely unexpected and one of the most unique gems we've seen in a state park thusfar.

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