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Natchez Trace State Park

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Natchez Trace State Park is located at 24845 Natchez Trace Rd, Wildersville, TN 38388, and is named after the Natchez Trace, a wilderness horse and buggy trail that spanned from Nashville to Natchez, Mississippi, and was used for hundreds of years. This park has over 45,000 acres of land was was purchased during the New Deal after the Depression, because the land was no longer viable as farm land. The government buying the land from poor farmers who couldn't get use of it anymore saved the people in this community. It has picnic shelters, horse stables, a hotel, cabins, camping, meeting rooms, a restaurant, 23 miles of hiking, boating, fishing, and a museum. Trails include the Cub Lake Trail (4.8 mile loop), the Fairview Gullies Trail (.45 mile loop), the Fern Trail loop (1 mile loop), the Oak Ridge Trail (.8 mile loop), the Pin Oak Trail (1 mile one way), and the Red Leaves Trail (40 mile loop... YES, 40 MILES!).

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