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Montgomery Bell State Park

Updated: May 22, 2021

1020 Jackson Hill Rd, Burns, TN 37029

This land was originally the home of the iron industry of middle Tennessee, and the park is named after an iron industry titan, Montgomery Bell himself. It has a lodge, a golf course, 20 miles of mountain bike trails, over 80 RV sites, 22 tent sites, 20 miles of hiking trails, eight premium cabins, three lakes, a swimming pool, boating, and a beach. The website has tickets to guided hikes and kayak tours. Fishing is allowed on property, and annual events include Special Needs Ranger events, 5ks and other runs, and several golf tournaments. It was built and established under the New Deal in connection with the federal government.

Trails include the Baker Cemetery Trail loop (.95 mile), the Creech Hollow Trail (1.25 miles), the Jim Bailey Nature Trail loop (.60 mile), the Montgomery Bell Trail loop (10.25 miles), the Ore Pit Trail loop (1.5 miles), and the Spillway Trail Wildcat Trail (0.55 mil).

I have a lot of memories of Montgomery Bell National Park, and in particular one swimming area that my family went to a lot when I was a kid. I was surprised to pull in, and realize that the park is insanely bigger than I originally thought. At over 3,700 acres, I must've only really seen maybe 100 acres, and the same 100 acres over and over as a kid. I was super excited to explore more, to realize I had 0% cellular signal. Luckily, the park store had a map available. There's still a ton to do, and it's just in my backyard, so I'll be back.

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