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Fort Pillow State Park

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Fort Pillow was a Civil War fort approximately 40 miles north of Memphis. It has a museum, 20 miles of hiking, a group camp site, 30 camp sites, a boat ramp, an overlook, fishing, and a butterfly garden. The crown jewel of this is the restored fort, which is about a two mile hike uphill from behind the visitors' center, something we were not prepared for. The signage wasn't as clear as we'd hoped. It was cool once we got up there, though, and the park is beautiful. The museum is also super interesting as it has a lot of artifacts and archaeological discoveries from the time period. From my understanding, the mostly black Union troop was trying to surrender after the battle, and was horribly massacred by Nathan Bedford Forrest and his Confederate troops, causing a large controversy at the time. We were fascinated as no one in my group had heard that story before.

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