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Edgar Evins State Park

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Edgar Evins State Park is located at 1630 Edgar Evins State Park Rd, in Silver Point, Tennessee. It has boat ramps, fishing, an amphitheater, a birding observation tower, cabins, a marina, a restaurant, campsites, a gift shop and visitors center, and over 11 miles of hiking, spread out over 6,000 acres. The trails include the marina trial (.9 mi), the Dunham Cemetery Trail (.10 mi), the Evins Ridge Trail (.6 mi loop), the Highland Rim Trail (1.35mi loop), the Millennium Trail (2.35 mi loop), the Merritt Ridge Trail (5.35 mi loop), and the Storybook Trail (.4 mi loop). It was named after James Edgar Evins, a local state senator who helped develop the area in the 1940s. It was opened as a park in 1975.

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