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David Crockett Birthplace State Park

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

This park is the second in the Tennessee State Parks system named in honor of Davy Crockett. It has 105 acres, 88 campsites, living history exhibits, 7 trails all under two miles, a swimming pool, basketball courts, boat launch, and fishing. We don't know exactly where Davy Crockett was born. We know his family lived on this land at the time of his birth, based on property records, but exactly where or what type of cabin is lost to history. The appoximation is understandable. The property was purchased in 1950 by the David Crockett Birthplace Association and turned over to the state in 1971. We had fun walking along the mouth of the waterway. There was a giant pen with donkeys that my family absolutely scaled to get in to pet the donkeys. I'm too much of a chicken, and sat with my stomach in knots waiting to be chastised by a park ranger. The garden and scarecrows look perfect for any demonstration of the time period. The visitors' center has exhibits and shows David Crockett memorabillia. All in all, it was a super interesting trip.

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