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Cumberland Mountain State Park

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Cumberland Mountain State Park is a state park that encompasses and surrounds the man-made Byrd Lake. The area was undeveloped until a project was initiated by the government for 150 impoverished families during the Great Depression. This particular land was deeded to Tennessee in 1938.

Today, it has 1,700 acres, a gold course, 37 cabins, over 100 campsites, a swimming pool, picnic pavilions, playgrounds, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, shuffleboard courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, fishing, a tower overlook, boating, mountain bike trails, a gift shop, a restaurant, an amphitheater, and hiking trails: the Byrd Creek Trail (2 miles), the Byrd Lake Trail (.5 mile), the Cumberland Plateau Trail (.85 mile), the Overnight Trail (5.95 miles), the Pioneer Trail (2.55 miles), and the Pioneer Short Loop Trial (a 1.8 mile loop).

We didn't hike because it was raining. It was empty, also because it was raining. But as we drove around and scoped out the park, we saw SO MUCH WILDLIFE. Which was insanely cool. I've been before for a weekend long rock-climbing workshop. I look forward to coming back!

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