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Big Cypress Tree State Park

Big Cypress Tree State Park is a small park, at 300 acres, in Greenfield, Tennessee. It's 2 and a half hours from Nashville. Frankly, if I'd taken the drive directly there for this, I would've been disappointed. But I coupled it with a trip to Reelfoot Lake State Park, so it was fine. It was the home to a 1300 year old tree that was acknowledged across the nation as the largest tree east of the Mississippi River, and the largest cypress tree in the United States. The park was opened in 1973, and lightening struck and killed the titular tree in 1976. The park still holds the name to this day. It has a singular trail, a .38 mile paved path with tree identification. It has a garden that is overgrown and not taken care of very well. It also has a playground, a ballfield, a picnic shelter, and a boardwalk. It was a unique experience, and worth it if you're in the area, but it is not a destination.

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